Seeds of knowledge, seeds of life

I don’t have much time this morning so this will be just a quick note. Last night – some more Krishnamurti in a “public dialogue” on aggression and violence. I don’t think it’s much of a dialogue if one side happens to be Krishnamurti. One participant, exasperated, says at a certain point, “In all the questions during the last hour, it appears that none of us is as serious as you are. That makes it rather hopeless.” To which the teacher answers, “It’s up to you, Sirs! You mean to say you are not interested in war?”, eliciting an honest reaction: “…not the way you are.” I searched for the Alan Watts-Krishnamurti connection and found out that 1) Alan was in awe of Jiddu; 2) he occasionally criticised him in his irreverent, non-fact-checked way. I listened to a charming interview Watts did with Laura Huxley (apparently Aldous and Krishna-ji were chums) and I also found out that Bruce Lee read Krishnamurti (and Watts), and that his notion of truth as a “pathless land” influenced Lee’s philosophy of “using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation.” I melted a little. Which reminds me of a kung fu teacher I met last Saturday, but that’s a story I want to explore elsewhere.

Yesterday was also the day of listening to Vandana Shiva and signing the declaration on seed freedom. My fingers are itching to get green. I so love activists who embody this female archetype of earth and nurture and renewal. It gives me butterflies and a sense of rootedness.


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